GRaphic Design

There is always ‘hell’ in ‘hello’

Sometimes you just create. You create because there is no one there to listen to you want to scream, cry, or laugh with. Sometimes we just create because we do not know what else to do with ourselves. Some people get it, and others don’t. I certainly do.

Teen vogue

I used the inspiration in my magazine cover and table of contents to inspire the layout and font. I wanted to stick to the integrity of Teen Vogue by using similar font styles. Teen Vogue loves to use bright colors in their magazine covers that contrast with their cover photo. Additionally, I used the Vogue covers to inspire the varying font in the name of the woman on the cover, Maggie Rogers. I thought this was a great way to make the cover fun and exciting.

What I used to create the magazine: InDesign


JMU Study Abroad in Stockholm

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. Specifically I was studying graphic design.

Coming of age: tour posters

As a independent musician, it is my job as an artist to create tour posters that resemble what my show is going to be like. I love to create posters that involve elements of nature. These posters were created for my recent tour this past summer called “The Coming of Age Tour”. Although I went with the poster on the left, the right was still one I know I can be proud of.

What I used to create the tour posters: Canva

Celestial Seasonings: Matcha Tea


Mother nature

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.45.13 PM.png

The poster I created to the left is meant to demonstrate the effects of the opioid crisis to those in communities that believe in the Earth as something bigger than themselves. Our assignment for our graphic design course was to catch the attention of those who might be affected by this epidemic. The target audience is influenced by natural and spiritual factors. They believe that they are ever-powerful and can overcome anything. The goal of this ad is to show them that it is too soon to enter into the earth and that they are not all that they think they are.

What I used to create the poster: Illustrator and Photoshop