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Gina Castanzo

Color is the universe’s way of speaking to those who have eyes for more than black and white.

About Me

Chronic Traveler, content creator, and fashion Obsessed

I have always been mesmerized by the world. I am the person that lacks inspiration in a room with white walls. There is much more creative vision to be held when you sit outside on the ground and simply look at what is around you. This could be in a city, a small suburban town, or even a rainforest.

As a student at James Madison University for Creative Advertising, I have come to learn what it takes to be a true creator. It requires endless passion for discovering what has not been created. This aspiration to encounter the unknown allows me to create work within a variety of mediums.

My favorite creative pairing is fashion and nature. Since I was a young girl, I have dared to be different with my choices in fashion. Who’s to say that fringe and a bold pattern cannot go together? Gianni Versace once said: “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live." I live by this quote each day. My photographic work is inspired by my sense of style.

My plans for the future? Become a successful content creator. What does this entail? Creating content in a company that inspires others to be innovative. This content may include work in photography, copywriting, film, or graphics. Leadership roles in these areas excite me and make me feel like I am making an impact with my work. In the future, I hope to create successful content with a team of inspiring individuals.


New york bridal week


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New York fashion week

with img focus


NBC’s The Voice: Team Blake


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want to know more about this experience?


Gina was so flexible and was more than willing to help come up with ideas of where to shoot and what to dress in. She has a great eye for those things.
— Ashley Z. (Engagement photoshoot)
She went in depth to find out what exactly we were looking for by interviewing members of our team to ensure the copy was completely on point with our brand.
— Mal and Logan
Gina has always made herself available for every project - no matter how last minute (an often occurrence in fashion) - and completed each task thoroughly and with great diligence.
— Madi Atkins

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Are you looking for someone to create copy for your tasty cereal packaging? Or need someone to film your next runway show? For all your creative needs, I’m your girl.

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